How do pre-orders work?

Updated 1 year ago by Wesley Schnitzler

We set up preorders to when we are ready to release a new product within a 2-3 month timeline. Preorders generally start when we are still drafting our drawings for the new case and we will email updates to those who orders periodically at critical stages like mold completion and production starting.

Those who preorder will be notified when their case is ready to ship and then regular shipping timelines apply (around 6 - 10 business days for domestic orders, 14-21 business days for international orders).

If at any time you change your mind about the preorder you've made or you've upgraded/changed your phone, just email us at with "Cancel Preorder" and your order # in the subject line and we'll be happy to help you with that!

We try our best to manage expectations as there are lots of things that can expedite or delay production on our cases. We appreciate your kind patience and support during this process.

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