Cardholder FAQ

Updated 10 months ago by Wesley Schnitzler

Our cardholders are 100% compostable, just like our cases :) (Please wash with soap and water or use isopropyl alcohol to remove the adhesive before composting)

Cardholders are not able to be removed and re-stuck to a surface so don't remove it until you no longer need it and want to compost it!

Cardholders are NOT compatible with the following models:

  • iPhones:
    • iPhone 5/SE
    • iPhone 12 Mini
      • SLIM iPhone Cases:
        • Slim iPhone X/XS
        • Slim iPhone 6/7/8/SE
      • CLEAR iPhone Cases:
        • Clear iPhone 6/7/8/SE
        • Clear iPhone X/XS
        • Clear iPhone 11 Pro
  • Androids:
    • Samsung S7
    • Samsung S8
    • Samsung S20

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