How should I clean my Pela Case?

Updated 10 months ago by Wesley Schnitzler

Most of our dark cases—Green, Black, Blue, Red, Shark, and Beetroot Red — tend to stay the cleanest (or at least hides dirt and stains the best!) but if you're looking for ways to keep your Pela Cases clean here are a few suggestions:

You can use isopropyl alcohol to wipe off stubborn stains on classic and slim cases.

NOTE: DO NOT USE ANY CLEANING AGENTS OR ALCOHOL ON CLEAR OR PRINTED CASES. Hand wash (no brushes) with super gentle soap and warm water only - be extra gentle!

Some mild dirt/stains should come off with just a sponge and warm dish soapy water

Pela Cases get dirty like most cases do, to preserve the look of your case, we do suggest you handle with care :)

Please, No soaking, no boiling water, no straight bleach!

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